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Upcoming Spring 2017 Women's Center Events

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Tuesday, April 4

Reeve Union Theater (307)


Queer Film Series - Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story (2014)

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Kristin Beck. This is her journey in search of the American ideals that she protected have a whole new meaning as she lives her life truthfully as a transgender woman.

Co-Sponsored with: LGBTQ Resource CenterReeve Union

Wednesday, April 5

Sage Hall 3232


Women’s and Gender Studies Research Showcase

Please join the Women's and Gender Studies Program for their first-ever research showcase! Each participant will present 5 slides in 5 minutes. There will be brief Q&A in between each presentation, with a longer Q&A session at the end.


  • Dr. Carmen Heider, Communication: Paradoxes in Prison
    • This presentation focuses on women’s paradoxical experiences in prison. I argue that the collective voices of the prisoners reveal what I have termed the discourse of “discordant transformation.” The discord, or struggle, entails the simultaneous constructive and destructive experiences that encapsulate prison life. 
  • Dr. Dani Kvam, Communication: The role of communication in creating and maintaining confianza-based social support networks among Mexican immigrants in the United States
    • This presentation describes the communication practices that a community of Mexican immigrants perceive to be available and unavailable to them when enacting the cultural construct of confianza in social interaction. It also explores how the uses and meanings of these communication practices shape access to social support networks as community members make lives in the United States.
  • Dr. Caryn Murphy, Radio TV Film: The “Girl Midget”: Broadcast Television and the 1960s Youth Market
    • In the 1960s, baby boomers were an attractive consumer demographic for marketers of all stripes. This research examines the five-year development of a television series based on Gidget, a popular novel and film series about a teen girl surfer. I use archival records to examine the industry dynamics governing the relationship between television networks, production companies, and teenage audiences in this era.
  • Dr. Shannon Rawski, Management and Human Resources: Training Interventions for Policing Organizations with Hostile Work Environments: A Paradox and a New Theoretical Perspective
    • Research on sexual harassment (SH) advocates for training as one solution to SH in the workplace. However, training research suggests that training interventions will only be effective in work environments that support the training. This presents a paradox for SH training in hostile work environments. These environments need training the most, yet prior research suggests that training will not be successful in hostile work environments. The current paper examines this predicament in policing organizations, develops new theory to reconceptualize SH training as an organizational sensegiving mechanism, and offers new directions for future research on training in hostile work environments. 
  • Dr. Ashley Thompson, Psychology: He Can But She Can't?: An Experimental Investigation of Adult's Endorsement of the Sexual Double Standard Related to Judgments of Individuals Initiating Consensually Nonmonogamous Relationship Structures
    • Although support for the sexual double standard (SDS; women judged more harshly than men for comparable sexual activity) is well documented (Bordini & Sperb, 2013), recent work suggests that the SDS has narrowed and may only be endorsed for non-traditional sexual behaviors (Jonason & Marks, 2009). Thus, the focus of this presentation is to report on research that examined SDS endorsement for individuals initiating consensually nonmongamous relationships (CNM; romantic relationships that are sexually and/or emotionally nonexclusive). The results of this research revealed that women initiators were judged more favorably than men initiators and that initiators of CNM behaviors were judged more negatively than were initiators of monogamous behaviors. This research has important implications related to gender bias and for those working to reduce bias toward minority individuals, particularly those interested in non-traditional relationship structures (e.g., CNM).

April 5

Alumni Welcome and Conference Center Ballroom


Gender Equity in Sport: Why You Should be an Advocate Even if You've Never Done a Sit-Up 

Interested in learning how you can be an advocate for gender equity in sport? Nancy Hogshead-Makar is a life-long advocate for access and equality in athletics and will be sharing her expertise. A scholar, an author, public speaker and activist, and Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, she has a commitment to empowerment, using sport as a vehicle for social change. Hogshead-Makar leads Champion Women, a non-profit leading targeted efforts to advocate for equality and accountability in sport.

Presenting Sponsor: Women’s Advocacy Council 

Co-Sponsored with: Women's Center, Titan AthleticsCARE

Wednesday, April 5

Reeve Union Ballroom



UWOSH-Con will take the form of a miniature comic con event. There will be crafts, games, and delicious food and beverages. Students are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite characters and enjoy chatting with others about the stories they love. 

The Women's Center will be selling bow ties at this event! 

Tuesday, April 11

Reeve Union Ballroom


Creating Connections

Students of diversity, employers want to meet you! At this event you will build multicultural communication skills and gain feedback from professionals. Dress code is business casual and there will be free hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

Presenting Sponsor: Career Services

Wednesday, April 19

Reeve 306


Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop

Start Smart workshops are specifically designed for college students about to enter the job market. According to AAUW’s research, women one year out of college are paid only 82 percent of what their male counterparts receive. By using the skills taught in this workshop, you are prepared to

  • Negotiate your starting salary and narrow the gap early,
  • Improve your lifelong earning potential,
  • Articulate your value,
  • Build confidence in your negotiation style,
  • Sharpen your budgeting skills.

Register in advance here:

Facilitator: Alicia Johnson, Women's Center Director

April 26

Reeve Union Concourse


Denim Day

Wear your jeans on Wednesday April 26th to show your support for sexual assault prevention. Join CARE in Reeve Concourse to decorate jean squares and get stickers showing your support for sexual assault prevention!

Sponsor of event: CARE

April 26

Sage 1214



How often do you or someone you know use the word 'rape' throughout the day? Come find out why everyone is wearing teal bandanas and why #rapeisnotajoke! This event was developed a few years ago to address concerns with how often someone might use the word "rape" in a joking manner on media/tv, on campus and other areas. The students felt compelled to make programming to address this concern and so #rapeisnotajoke was born! Students will be performing and sharing their experiences. Come learn about rape culture, social norms and what CARE has to offer. We hope everyone joins us so that we can make UWO a safer environment for all!

Co-sponsored with: CAREWomen’s Advocacy Council 

April 29

Reeve Union Ballroom


World of Girls Journey Jump-start

Have you ever wondered what an average day in the life of a girl in a different country is like? What does she eat, what does she wear, and what does she read? How is the experience of being a girl in the U.S. similar to and different from being a girl in other parts of the world? UW-Oshkosh Quest III students will help Girl Scouts discover the answers to these questions and more!

Co-Sponsored with: University Studies Program, Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes, Women's and Gender Studies Program

May 3

Alumni Welcome and Conference Center


Walk A Mile in Her Shoes(R) Oshkosh 2017

The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.

No matter whose shoes you're wearing, sexual violence affects everyone.

Whether someone is wearing heels and a skirt or sweatpants and crocs, there's no excuse for gender-based violence. To say that "immodest attire" invites rape is not only skirting the real issue, but it's insulting to men-as if seeing a bit of skin suddenly robs men of their better judgment. So, grab a pair of heels and come walk a mile with us to show that attire is not consent or an excuse!

Men are encouraged to wear high heels for this mile-long walk. Women are encouraged to come as they are (feel free to  wear heels, tennis shoes, flats, slippers, or whatever else you'd like). Participation is free, but we encourage donations to support Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services and Reach Counseling. Prizes will be awarded for most donations raised, highest heels, and more! 

Monday, May 8

Women's Center


Finals Survival Night

If you need a place to study or de-stress, we are here for you! We will be staying open late and have coloring books, board and video games, and other activities to help get you through the stress of finals. Survival kits filled with goodies will be available, while supplies last.

May 15-17

Women’s Center


Faculty and Staff Unwind 

We know students aren’t the only ones stressed at the end of the semester! Join us for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and a stress-free environment. Bring your colleagues and unwind while playing games, coloring, or just dropping by for a chat.

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