Whitburn Center
for Governance and Policy Research


– Established in 2021 – 

Mission Statement
The Whitburn Center conducts nonpartisan, practical, applied research focused on evaluating and improving governance, professional management, and public policy in Wisconsin and beyond.

Advisory Board

Learn about founding donor Gerald Whitburn and the Whitburn Center Executive Board.

MPA Program

The Whitburn Center is led by Masters of Public Administration faculty. Learn more about the MPA program here.

Contact Info

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Fire and Emergency Response Management

UW Oshkosh’s online Fire and Emergency Response Management (FERM) program prepares students to manage complex public health and safety organizations. Learn more about the FERM program here.

The Whitburn Center will produce timely, relevant, quality research products. We will be highly responsive to the needs of clients, policymakers, and the media. Our goal is to be the go-to destination for factual information and analysis regarding local and state governance in Wisconsin. We will accomplish this by utilizing the power of the UW-Oshkosh MPA network, including faculty members, students, alumni, and friends.

Our vision is to build local government, nonprofit, and community capacity to promote the common good. We will bring people together across ideological divides to discover nonpartisan solutions. The Whitburn Center will share innovative, research-based knowledge, equipping our partners to address their most pressing needs, while utilizing equitable, efficient, and effective strategies.

The Whitburn Center for Governance and Policy Research is 100% externally funded.