Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Required Units (12 credits)

WG STDS 201 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
WG STDS 366 Service Learning and Field Study or Study Abroad
WG STDS 403 Feminist Thought and Practice (formerly 390 Feminist Theory)
WG STDS 435 Women’s and Gender Studies Senior Seminar

In selecting the remaining 8 courses (24 units), no more than two courses may be from the 100- or 200-level, and at least 6 courses must be from the 300-level or above.


Four Disciplinary Categories (12 credits)

Majors are required to choose one course from each of the following four disciplinary categories:

I. Historical Perspectives

334: Women in Modern European History**
346: Women and Gender Relations in Latin American History**
351: Gender in Indian History**
386: Women in the United States*
450: Rhetoric of the US Women’s Movement I
451: Feminist Rhetorics and Social Change


II. Arts and Humanities

224: Women in Literature
225: Images of Women
243: Women in the Arts: Encounters
259Q2: Body Image in the Media
265: Women and Religion**
315: Women and Madness
316: Gender and Discourse
318: Religion and Sexuality*
324: Gender in Literature
332: Early Women Writers
335: The Philosophy of Sex
345: 20th-Century Women Writers
347: Race, Class & Gender in the Mass Media*
391/591: Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary Literature*



III. Social Sciences

204: Global Perspectives on Women & Gender**
205: Intro to LGBTQ Studies*
260: Psychology of Gender
303: Women, Politics, and Policy: A Global Pers.**
305: Soc Work Ethics in a Diverse Society
306: Trans* and Genderqueer Lives*
307: Discrimination, Gender, and the Economy
314: Native American Women*
320: Gendered Lives
325: Collective Behavior and Social Movements
330: Discrimination & Legal Remedies
331: Women and Crime
339/539: Sociology of the Family
342: Gender, Law and Policy**
343: Masculinity Across Cultures**
349: Archaeology of Gender
350/550: Women, Race, and Class*
368: Sociology of Gender
392: Queer Theory*


IV. Environment, Health, and Natural Sciences

130 Biology of Women

226: Saving Seeds, Saving Community: Women, Land and Action*

263Q2 Women, Sustainability, Religion: From Green Nuns to Hindu Tree Huggers

310: Biology of Gender
333: Gender, Place, and Culture**

365 Gender and Nature

*Also meets the Diversity in the United States requirement
**Also meets the Global Diversity requirement


Diversity Breadth Requirements (6 credits)

Majors are required to fulfill a Diversity Requirement. At least one course must count toward the Global Diversity requirement, and at least one course must count toward the Diversity in the United States requirement. These courses may overlap with the disciplinary categories.

In addition to the options indicated in the four categories listed above, the following courses count toward the major’s diversity requirements:

Global Diversity

WG STDS 344-Kinship, Gender, and Sexuality

Diversity in the U.S.

WG STDS 232-Inclusivity and Diversity on University Campuses
WG STDS 391/591-Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary Literature
WG STDS 392-Queer Theory


Electives (6-12 credits)

Majors are required to elect additional courses from any of the above categories to fulfill the 36-unit requirement for the major. Electives may also include Special Topics, Independent Study or Honors Thesis courses tailored to meet this requirement.

Service Learning and Study Abroad Information

Service learning projects could include campus internships for the UW Oshkosh Women’s Center, the LGBTQ Resource Center, the Counseling Center—specifically working with the Campus for Awareness and Relationship Education (CARE), or community internships for such programs as Goodwill, the Christine Ann Center, REACH Counseling Services, Harbor House, the Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood or any other community program agreed upon by the student and the director.

Study Abroad opportunities include 3-week interim courses such as “Women in the Arts in England,” “Privilege and Poverty in Tanzania” or a semester-long program focusing on Women’s and Gender Studies at Lancaster University.

Other Study Abroad programs with significant Women’s and Gender Studies material will be considered for approval by the director.

Women's and Gender Studies

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