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Mindful Music

Mindful Music Spotify Playlists created by UWO Peer Wellness Educators, Hope Schaefer Kemps:

  • Rock & Roll
    • While critics from the 1950s argued that teens and young adults loved rock and roll for the sex appeal, we know it had a significant influence on breaking down racial barriers in the 1950s. Little Richard, Jimmy Hendrix and Prince are just a handful of notable stars from the rock and roll eras. This playlist includes some of the fan favorite rock and roll songs from African American artists.
  • Summertime Sadness (Chillwave, Vaporwave)
    • Summertime sadness is a combination of some of the most popular Chillwave and Vaporwave musicians. Chillwave and Vaporwave music are 2 microgenres of music defined by their ability to create a nostalgic vibe. The music is generally electronic and focuses more on the sounds than the lyrics. This playlist would be appropriate to listen if you’re driving, trying to relax, or focus.
  • Reggaeton Mix
    • Did you know that the Despacito remix with Justin Bieber originates from Reggaeton and Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee? Originating in Latin America, Reggaeton music has become popular around the world. Its style is a combination of hip hop and Caribbean music. This is another great playlist to listen to if you’re in the dancing mood or looking to get motivated to work out.
  • Disney Faves
    • From Mulan who proved that women can be brave, to Beauty and the Beast who taught us that beauty comes from within, Disney has given us some of our first role models and some of our favorite songs. Many are great for singing along and will definitely take you down memory lane. 
  • Kpop (Upbeat Electronic Hip-Hop)
    • This playlist is filled with some of the most popular Kpop artists. I think when people picture Kpop they often think of upbeat electronic hip-hop bands like BTS but there is so much more variety to the Kpop genre. For that reason, this playlist tried to encompass the spectrum of the Kpop. Because of the variety, this makes this playlist versatile. I could see this being a good study playlist, driving playlist or workout playlist.
  • Gingerbread Person (Queercore)
    • The title of this playlist was inspired by the Gingerbread Person diagram which was shown to me as a learning tool for understanding the differences between gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation. This playlist focuses on the experiences of people who identify as transgender or gender non binary. Queercore is a genre of music distinguished by lyrics exploring themes of prejudice and dealing with issues such as sexual identity, gender identity and the rights of the individual.
  • Sunshine (Electropop/Alternative Pop)
    • “My inspiration for creating Sunshine came from me wanting it to be summer break. A lot of the songs on this playlist puts you in what I like to call the “summer feeling”. The songs are relaxing, magical, and have the ability to transport you to a happy place. I would recommend listening to this playlist while you’re doing something you enjoy outside. It’s also a great studying playlist as long as you make sure the volume isn’t too loud.”
  • Happy Grunge  (Indie/Alternative Rock)
    • Happy Grunge is a playlist dedicated to tunes that are a little bit more edgy and get your adrenaline going. This is a good playlist to listen to with the volume and bass all the way up. It’s meant to be played when you’re feeling angry or frustrated and you just want to focus your energy onto something else. It could also be an acceptable playlist to listen to if you are getting ready for a workout.
    • Feeling sentimental? Well get ready for this playlist. “2000’s” is a compilation of songs that you would hear over and over again on the radio during the 2000’s. The songs will vary with tempo and style but they were all fan favorites during the 2000’s. If you’re looking for another feel good playlist or if you just want go down memory lane, I think this one might do the trick.
    • Did you know that listening to classical music can improve your sleep, immune system, stress levels, and concentration? Even though classical music may not be everyone’s go to music genre, you can’t deny the research supporting the benefits behind it. If you like to listen to music while trying to study, relax, or fall asleep, I would recommend trying out this playlist.
Social Connectedness

Maintaining social connections is important during this difficult time of quarantine and isolation. Below we have outlined articles about staying connected and a variety of events and discussions that you can participate in too!