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Types of Sessions

The Writing Center offers four different methods for students to meet with consultants about their writing. The most common, Face-to-Face sessions, meet for 50 minutes at the Writing Center. VideoChats also last 50 minutes and are similar to Face-to-Face sessions, but take place online. eTutoring is also an online method where the writer receives recorded feedback. For quick questions, you may also chat or email the Writing Center as well.

Face-to-Face Sessions


Preparing for your Session

  • If you have a draft, bring a printed copy with you
  • Bring the directions for the assignment

What to Expect

  • You will be logged in when you arrive
  • Your consultant will ask you a few questions to judge where you’re at in the writing process
  • You may be asked to read your paper (or part of it) out loud
  • The consultant may take notes for you throughout the session
  • The consultant may ask questions, make suggestions, or provide you with additional information to help you finish or improve your paper
  • Toward the end of the session, the consultant will ask you if you have any final questions
  • Then, the consultant may help you develop a plan of attack for getting everything you discussed done
  • You will be logged out and possibly asked if you would like to make any future appointments right away
  • You will be e-mailed a survey to let us know how we did. Your response is encouraged, but will be anonymous to the consultant


eTutoring Sessions

eTutoring is an online option available to all students; it works best for students who are unable to meet during our normal business hours.

What YOU do:

  • Make an appointment indicating you want an online YouTube session
  • Attach your draft and the directions to the assignment/project
  • Wait to get the e-mail we send you with the feedback
  • Watch the feedback on your own and decide your next steps as a writer

What WE do:

  • Look at your draft and the directions for it, and make comments on it via an audio & screen recording that we upload using an unlisted YouTube profile
  • Our comments will include a few higher order concerns and a few lower order concerns if there is time
  • We upload it and send you the link

For eTutoring appointments, you will receive a screen recording sent to you through a YouTube link. To do this option, you will need to schedule an appointment with a consultant on the Writing Center website (big green button) and be sure to choose “eTutoring” from the drop down menu at the top. In addition, you will need to attach a copy of your draft/ assignment before your appointment is scheduled to begin so the consultant can have time to review it and send you the feedback. When you have successfully scheduled yourself this kind of appointment, it will appear a yellowy color. You will receive the link to your recorded feedback about an hour after your appointment was scheduled to begin.


VideoChat Sessions

This option is best for writers who want the same thorough feedback that meeting face-to-face in real time affords. It's a great option for brainstorming or understanding an assignment, as well as for getting feedback on a draft.

What YOU do:

  • Make an appointment indicating you want an online Video chat session
  • Attach your draft and assignment if you have them
  • At the time when you scheduled your appointment, log back on to the Writing Center website and click on your appointment (red box)
  • When you click it, a new window will open. Click the red link that says “Start or Join Online Consultation” and another window will appear with your chat and video chat in it (as well as some directions for how to use it).
  • In the upper right hand corner, there will be a person with a number next to it. When it says two, both you and the consultant are viewing the video chat.

What WE do:

  • Add your draft to the chat/ video chat screen
  • When we see you are viewing the session, we will start the audio/ video chat.
  • From here, the sessions operate in a similar way as the Face to Face sessions.

For Video Chat appointments, you will actually get to talk with the consultant about your draft online. To do this option, you will also need to schedule an appointment with a consultant on the Writing Center website and be sure to choose “meet online” from the drop-down menu. When you have successfully scheduled yourself this kind of appointment, the box will appear red. In addition, you should attach a copy of your draft and/or assignment as well so the consultant can add it to your chat (so both of you can see and edit it). Be sure to select an appointment slot that works well for you, as with this option, you are expected to be ready to begin at that time.



If you have a quick question for a Writing Center consultant, use Google Chat, through your UWO email account. This service is available to assist all UW Oshkosh students.

What YOU do:

  • Go to your .uwosh email
  • On the left hand side there is a search bar to “search people” type “wcenter” in it
  • Highlight the option and select the “invite to chat”

What WE do:

  • Accept your request to chat and answer your question

If a consultant is logged on at the time of your question, he or she will try to answer your question right away. If the question is more complex and the consultant believes it cannot be simply answered in a quick chat session, the consultant will ask you to schedule a full-length session so we can better assist you.

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