Student Organization Representatives

The Student Organizations Representatives are a vital part of USRH. They act as a link between USRH and other student organizations on campus, providing information to both groups.

NRHH Representative

The National Residence Hall Honorary is comprised of the top 1% of students living in the residence halls. The NRHH representative acts as a liaison to USRH, and informs USRH of the Of The Month (OTM) awards, and also information that is happening in WURHA, GLACURH, and NACURH.

OSA Representative

The OSA Representative relays information between OSA and USRH and discusses current resolutions and voting on behalf of the Assembly.

RAC Representative

The purpose of the Reeve Advisory Council Representatives is to act as a liaison between RAC and USRH, and to serve as a voting member of RAC on behalf of USRH.

RUB Representative

Reeve Union Board Representatives attend all Reeve Union Board meetings and corresponds with USRH to let them know what kind of programming is happening within Reeve Memorial Union.

Sustainability Council Representative

Sustainability Council works to make the campus more green, energy-efficient, and economical through student awareness and creating standards for UWO to maintain.