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Connect is the Advanced Writing course that will immerse students in the process of creating texts for different audiences and focus on developing the skills of rhetorical awareness, analytical reading, research, synthesis, and argumentation. Students will write about the public roles of liberal education and reflect upon their own educational journey. Students enrolled in Advanced Writing / Connect will synthesize their research into the economic, cultural, technological, and environmental impacts of a public issue or debate in order to reach a greater understanding of the USP's Signature Questions.

Course Development Resources

  • Advanced Writing / Connect Common Syllabus (Updated December 2014)
  • Advanced Writing / Connect¬†Course Description (Updated December 2014)
  • Advanced Writing / Connect: Texts About Liberal Education (June 2013)
  • Relevant Rubrics

  • AAC&U Integrative Learning (Synthesis)
  • UW Oshkosh Written Communication Rubric