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Course Approval

Please contact the USP office ( if you would like to offer a course in the USP that is not already offered. It is good to have a discussion with the USP Director and/or USP Associate Director in planning this course. Once your course is ready for approval, use the forms you would ordinarily use for a new or modified course, plus a USP course approval form. All of these forms, and a flowchart showing the approval process for USP courses, can be found on the Provost’s website.

Instructors can use syllabus checklists to help design their courses and syllabi. Course approval forms are available on the Provost’s web site. Some uses for these forms include creating new courses, making changes to existing courses, and adding explore designation to a course.


These checklists cover essential syllabus requirements for USP courses.

Please consult the resources for your particular type of USP course for more help including sample language, USP learning outcomes, and sample syllabi.

Some USP checklists require course outcomes covered in the documents listed below.


The Dean of Students Office has some tremendous resources for syllabus development.

Syllabus requirements for courses offered in the College of Letters and Science (COLS) are contained in chapter 6 of the COLS Administrative Handbook.