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Your Peer Mentor is a resource, ready to help you transition to university life.

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors are students who are trained and ready to help first-year students become familiar with academic life at UW Oshkosh. They have been chosen because of their success as a student and leadership on campus. They are here to help you succeed in your first year and beyond.

What will my Peer Mentor do?

At your first Quest I class, you will meet and receive contact information from your Peer Mentor. Your Peer Mentor will:

  • Attend campus events with your class
  • Answer your questions about the UW Oshkosh campus
  • Refer you to all sorts of on-campus resources

You should feel free to talk to your Peer Mentor about class and other experiences you’re having in your first semester at UW Oshkosh.


Become a Peer Mentor



UW Oshkosh has made a commitment to ensuring that every first-year student has a Peer Mentor to help guide them through the first semester of college life.  Peer Mentors serve in every Quest I class and are excited to be part of the University Studies Program!

Our Quest I Peer Mentor program has four basic goals:

  1. Help first-year students transition from high school or employment to college life.
  2. Connect students to resources on campus that will help them succeed.
  3. Engage first-year students with the campus and the greater Oshkosh community.
  4. Foster a sense of connection to both the campus and fellow UW Oshkosh students, staff and faculty.

Excited to become a Peer Mentor? If you are interested in helping others succeed in college and have “been there and done that,” read the Peer Mentor job description to see if this opportunity is right for you.

How to Apply:

Peer Mentor Application Materials

Click here to download the Peer Mentor Application 

Peer Mentor Recommendation Form

Click here to download the Peer Mentor Recommendation Form 

TBD: Mandatory Peer Mentor Training

If you have questions about the Peer Mentor selection process, please let us know! Contact Debbie Gray Patton at