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"I've only taken a few courses at another campus and I'm trying to decide when to transfer. What is unique about the UW Oshkosh program of general education?"

We're doing general education better at UW Oshkosh, and we want you to be part of it.  If you're transferring here with fewer than 15 credits, you'll experience our entire general education program, the USP.  Here's what you can expect once you get here:

    • small classes and the opportunity to ask the big questions.
    • learning communities.
    • passionate professors who have designed the courses they teach.
    • peer mentors to assure your success.
    • alumni mentors to make valuable community connections.
    • community projects that will provide high-value learning opportunities.
    • electronic learning portfolios.
Remember, if you transfer to UW Oshkosh with 15 credits or more, you will not complete the Quest sequence but will still be expected to complete the required 41 credits of general education courses (taking the courses you've transferred here into account).

"Will my general education courses transfer to UW Oshkosh?"

All transfer agreements will be honored. If you are transferring to UW Oshkosh, we are committed to your success.

    • The Admissions Office will help you determine the total number of credits that will transfer. Then, you can work with an adviser to determine a personalized plan.
    • If you transfer in with 15 credits or less, you'll participate in the USP.  We're happy you've chosen UW Oshkosh!

"I know that I want to transfer to UW Oshkosh.  When is the best time for me to transfer?  Should I finish my associate's degree first?"

There is not one right answer to this question.Every student's academic experience is different and there are many options that can work well. Your decision will depend on many factors including the major and degree that you eventually want to complete, course requirements, and your life circumstances. We recommend that you work with advisors and counselors at your current campus as well as UW Oshkosh to help you determine the best time for you to transfer. We welcome you to UW Oshkosh at any time!

"What is USP 200?  Am I required to take it?"

USP 200 is a required orientation for students who transfer to UW Oshkosh with more than 15 credits. This short, interactive experience is designed to introduce you to:

    • the UW Oshkosh campus
    • other transfer students
    • the range and value of available campus activities and resources
    • the value and goals of a Liberal Arts Education

USP 200 won't take you too much time, but it can provide you with a world of information about UW Oshkosh.  You will participate in two, one-hour long meetings at the beginning of the semester to help you feel that our campus is YOUR campus. Remember to register for USP 200 in your first semester here;  it is a requirement for graduation.

"Will the University Studies Program take longer or cost more than other general education programs, especially if I transfer?"

This program is efficient and cost-effective. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor to choose the courses you need and want. An advisor can also help you determine degree requirements for specific majors. Those courses are different than USP's general education course requirements.  See your academic advisor early and often!

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