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About the Surveys

What kinds of questions do students answer?

  • How committed are you to completing your degree at UW Oshkosh?
  • If you plan to transfer, where and why?
  • How many hours do you study in a week?
  • What grades do you expect to earn this semester?
  • Which course are you struggling in?
  • In that course, have you talked with an instructor?


What can students learn from their MAP-Works results?

The results of this survey help students understand what they need to do to be successful.

Below is an excerpt from the Student Report:

“If you want to improve your likelihood of earning the grades you want, here are some examples of steps you should take:

• Create a study group: Assemble a group of others in your classes who can study together, provide feedback on work, share notes, and motivate each other to do well in the class.

• Talk to your instructors: If you’re struggling in a class, contact the instructor immediately and discuss steps you can take to improve your performance. Also, make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss resources that are available such as tutoring and study skill seminars.

• Take personal responsibility: Make a commitment to practice good academic behaviors such as attending all classes and completing all class assignments on time. Get a planner or install software on your computer/phone that allows you to record all assignments and their due dates so you can manage your time and class demands more effectively.

• Take advantage of campus resources: There are many resources on campus that can help you overcome academic hurdles. Please see the list of Campus Resources at the end of this report.”

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