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Reflection Prompt Samples

These sample prompts for reflection are adapted from a resource created by Long Beach City College and are reproduced here with their permission (adapted by Dr. Vande Zande).

Summative Reflection

  • In what ways have you improved as a writer/artist/scientist/etc.? What brought about those improvements? Include an artifact(s) that contains specific experiences, readings, assignments, or discussions in this course that supports your point.
  • What did you learn by creating this artifact? Be specific.
  • What was your biggest accomplishment in the course?
  • How did this artifact and other course elements help you reach it? Be specific.
  • What job skills did you master in this course? How are they reflected in this artifact(s)? Be specific.


Process Reflection

  • What challenges did you face in completing the assignment? How did you address/troubleshoot them?
  • Describe the aims and strategies that led to the completion of this artifact. How did your thinking about it evolve over time (point to specific experiences while working on the assignment)?
  • How did the assignment evolve (or not evolve) with your thinking (again, point to specific experiences) about it?
  • What went according to plan and what surprises did you encounter? What still needs work? •
  • What were your successes and difficulties in completing this artifact?
  • What risks did you take in the assignment/course? Be specific.
  • Outline the steps you took to complete the assignment, and explain your thinking at each step.
  • Describe your learning process throughout this course and what it felt like at different stages until you mastered certain skills. Discuss the skills you are still developing.


Evaluative Reflection

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your signature assignment? Explain while making specific references to your work.
  • Discuss your best work for the course and explain why it’s your best. Be specific.
  • Discuss each piece of work for the course and touch on the strengths of each. Be specific.
  • How does what you learned through completing this artifact connect to the learning outcomes of this course?
  • How might you improve on this artifact in the future?
  • How do(es) the artifact(s) illustrate your growth/change/progression in this class?


Interpretive Reflection

  • Paint a textual landscape of your learning throughout the semester.
  • What learning and skills would you use as “landmarks” within this landscape? Why?
  • Write a very short personal narrative (story) about the time you spent creating the signature assignment for this course. Include musing, scene setting, and dialogue. Include both your perspective as you created the assignment and your perspective once the assignment was submitted.
  • How does what you learned through completing this artifact connect to your outside the classroom experiences? Be specific.
  • Why did you pick this assignment to put in your e-portfolio? What does it demonstrate about your learning? [Assumes that the instructor has given students a choice of assignments to include in the e-portfolio]
  • How does this artifact connect with the real world?

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