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Within the University Studies Program each course has nominated a key assignment and a reflection to become part of the student's ePortfolio. This reflection is a critical component of USP courses and of the program.

In our workshop series there were some clarifications that cropped up in the discussions:

  • The reflection component is part of your course not just part of the program or the ePortfolio. First and foremost it should be relevant to your course and integrated with it.
  • The reflection can be a piece of work that students do as part of the identified assignment or alongside it as a separate assignment.
  • The purpose of the reflection component includes:
    • helping students to place your course into a bigger picture of the subject discipline, their degree, the idea of a liberal education, and, if applicable, the USP signature questions.
    • contributing to the student's process of understanding their studies, abilities, approaches to learning, and being able to see progression in these areas over time.

Structures for Reflection

    Critical Reflection ModelTypes of reflective promptsReflection Framework


    Developmental Reflection Based on a learning taxonomy

    (developed by Dr. Carleen Vande Zande )


    • What did I accomplish?
    • What steps did I take to complete this work?


    • What new insights did I develop as a result of doing this work?
    • How has my perspective changed after doing this assignment?


    • What challenges to my current thinking did this work present?
    • How does work in this course connect with work in another course?


    • What did I do well? What areas do I still need to work on?
    • What would I do differently if I did it again?


    What next steps do I want to take as a result of this learning experience?

    What should I do next to achieve my goals?


    We produced two versions of this list with enhanced graphics if you would like to have a printed copy for reference.

    A graphical list version of the list of reflection points.

    Graphic illustration of prompts for reflection

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