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ePortfolio and Reflection Workshop

Offered by Carleen Vande Zande and R. John Robertson throughout Spring 2013 the "Enhancing Student Learning: Reflection and the ePortfolio Process" workshop is intended to support instructors in their course development process for the University Studies Program (USP). The workshop considers the conceptual issues around ePortfolios as a tool for learning, a program ePortfolio, the wider assessment of general education, and incorporating reflection into a course.

The workshop was offered at UW Oshkosh under the auspices of CETL, Learning Technologies, and the Provost's Office.


The slides from the workshop are available:

The additional slides which differed from the handbook are available as images:

Slide from handouts illustrating a course in USP and it's contribution to the program ePortfolio An illustration of the artifact / key assignments produced by the course and framing them in the context of the USP and the USP ePortfolioWork in progress draft illustration of the Connect course in relation to the USP ePortfolio

We also recorded one of the workshops for reference - it's available as two sections which have just each of the presentations or in an extended 'Director's Cut' edition of the whole session including questions and answers.

ePortfolio process

Reflection and assessment

Workshop - Extended Edition

We also have a version of the whole workshop with the discussion and Q&A included.

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