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Advising is Teaching

UW Oshkosh faculty governance documents support this approach to advising, yet the inherent potential for instruction in advising sessions is quite obvious even apart from the faculty handbook.What Quests will a student select, and why? How does content in one course connect to content in another? Why do students take general education courses?  What are students learning about themselves as they take USP courses? Are academic resources needed? What sorts of USP experiences can guide students in selecting a major?  Once that major is selected, how can USP courses be framed and valued?  How does the Community Experience in Quest III inform students' interests in internships or study abroad opportunities? How is the college journey an exploration?  Advising is teaching.

Students will first be advised at Odyssey, as they meet with a Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) staff member for an initial 30 minute consultation. UARC staff continue to be available to them, though all eventually are assigned a faculty advisor. Though each department or program determines when a student transitions to a faculty advisor, that transition necessitates faculty understanding of the University Studies Program and its expectations.  As faculty advisors, we continue to reinforce the value of a liberal arts education as we teach through advising sessions.

USP Advising Explanation Example

Download a student-friendly initial explanation of the "Student's Guide to the USP." (pdf)

USP Advising Planning Sheet (Updated on April 10, 2013)

Download the "Student's Guide to the USP." (pdf)

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