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Fond du Lac Campus Schedule

Wednesday, February 28

12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Location: Commons – 400 University Dr, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Enter the building by the main entrance/library entrance and follow the signs to the Commons on your right.

Parking: Follow University Drive around to the front of campus and park by the main entrance/library entrance. There is no parking permit required for the Fond du Lac Campus.

Ad, Multimedia Journalism and PR (AMP)

The AMP Department welcomes you to explore our program to find a career you love. We offer a dynamic, hands-on learning environment for majors and minors in advertising, multimedia journalism and public relations. We value the First Amendment, core journalism principles, writing and visual communication skills, creativity, professionalism and ethics. 

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As an anthropology student, you will experience:

▪︎ Archaeological digs ▪︎ Solving cold cases ▪︎ Studying apes and monkeys in the field ▪︎Interning in an archaeology lab, forensic lab, or ethnography lab ▪︎ Learning how to have hard conversations ▪︎ Engage with your local community through hands on experiences ▪︎ Learning to write transformative policies ▪︎ Be a part of a vibrant community of enthusiastic and highly motivated group of people ▪︎ Be a better human! Be the best you!

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The UW Oshkosh Department of Chemistry offers American Chemical Society-certified bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and biochemistry, as well as chemistry with an emphasis in biomolecular science (for those interested in medical fields), and chemistry–secondary education.

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College of Business

Titans benefit from an innovative curriculum that combines a strong foundation in liberal arts with comprehensive learning in all business functions, of professional-level internship experience, and an emphasis on networking and professional skills training. As a student, you will learn from award-winning faculty with a wide range of expertise and real-world experience. The College of Business’ strong ties with region provides students with abundant opportunities for internships, employment, community service and research.

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College of Education and Human Services

Since its inception as a teacher-training school in 1871, UW Oshkosh has been recognized as a leader in education and offers the programs to help you accomplish your goals. Titans get the support they need to thrive with small class sizes and a wealth of student support services and personalized and academic advising.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) projects a 29% increase in the number of new teachers hired in public schools across the U.S. over the next five years. An estimated 2.2 million teachers will need to be hired and 700,000 of those will be new graduates.

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College of Letters and Sciences

Mission: The College of Letters and Science provides a broad-based education that challenges students to explore a wide spectrum of knowledge about the human experience and the natural world, to enhance their skills of communication, critical thinking and problem solving, to understand and bridge cultural difference, and discover their own capacities for creative expression.

Through a broad array of courses and programs in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, the COLS equips students for specific careers while also preparing them to be responsible citizens who understand and contribute to the complex and changing world in which they live.

COLS strongly supports faculty, staff, and students in their research and creative activities, in addition to fostering collaborative opportunities for wider community engagement at the university and beyond.

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College of Nursing

The College of Nursing provides students the expert knowledge, clinical practice skills and critical thinking ability necessary for success in today’s healthcare industry. As the second-largest producer of baccalaureate nursing graduates in Wisconsin and the largest major on campus, UW Oshkosh ensures each student receives the best nursing education and training in the state. College of Nursing graduates consistently exceed the national pass rate for the National Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), a testament to the college’s excellence.

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Communication Studies

We are excited to present you with the information you need to learn more about communication studies majors and minors. The Communication Studies Program is best known for its relevant and future career-enhancing courses with professors from all around the country and abroad.

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The department offers major coursework in literature, cultural studies, linguistics, rhetoric, professional writing, and creative writing. With a major in English—either the Liberal Arts or Secondary Education version—you can expect to attain a level of familiarity with contemporary theoretical approaches applicable for both textual and writing studies, gain exposure to literature from a variety of cultural traditions, and practice writing in a range of genres. You will come to understand the many dimensions of the English discipline while also having the opportunity to pursue the dimensions that most interest you. English majors can also minor in creative writing, rhetoric, professional writing, and linguistics. Students majoring in other disciplines can minor in those three areas as well as literary studies. The requirements for the majors and minors are below.

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Environmental Studies

Our program gives students a broad interdisciplinary liberal arts education in environmental issues that students combine with specialized study that fits their interests and goals. We stress engagement, with students and faculty active in a variety of efforts and applying academic learning to real world problems and possibilities.

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Graduate Studies

UW Oshkosh Graduate Studies provides you with the foundation to advance in your current career or embark on a new one.

With over 50 graduate programs from the sciences to education and business to nursing, you can achieve your personal and professional goals with a UW Oshkosh master’s degree, doctorate degree or graduate certificate. All graduate programs are regionally accredited and many are also professionally accredited.

In addition to a wide array of program options, the University provides award-winning faculty who are active in their respective fields and dedicated to your success.

With a worldwide reputation and through the 2025FWD framework, UW Oshkosh and the UW System will inspire, connect, and convene with the people, businesses, and communities of the State of Wisconsin. Through this vision, we will reinvigorate our economy and enhance the quality of life of our citizens.

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International & Global Studies

A degree in international studies provides you with the skills and knowledge to deeply engage with contemporary global issues. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the International Studies Program is a perfect fit for students who want to explore complex, global problems and opportunities from multiple, critical perspectives. As an international studies major, you can become a leader in creating global solutions and navigating diverse places. 

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Kinesiology/Athletic Training

The Exercise and Sport Science major utilizes a strong scientific base and experiential learning components for students interested in the field of Kinesiology, including careers in fitness, health, and wellness.

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The mathematics department at UW Oshkosh consists of about 40 faculty, academic and administrative staff members dedicated to mathematics teaching and research. Housed in Swart Hall, the department has many technologically equipped teaching rooms, easy access to the Swart Hall computer lab and a free tutor lab for our students. We offer undergraduate majors and minors in several different mathematical emphases. The Master of Science in Mathematics Education is a program designed for the professional mathematics educator.

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Radio TV Film

The UW Oshkosh Radio TV Film program offers a relevant, hands-on education that will help you establish a career in the field of modern media production.

With unparalleled access to our professional facilities and equipment, our students continue to produce work that wins national and regional awards year after year. Our students land internships and jobs in every corner of the media business from Atlanta to L.A., and produce shows, films and radio that you enjoy every day. 

Don’t just consume content. Create it! 

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When a student declares a sociology major or minor at UW Oshkosh, they are opening the doors to a career filled with wonder, excitement and lifelong learning.

By declaring a sociology major or minor, students both learn about themselves and learn how to analyze the world around them through a different lens. Sociology majors and minors go on to be leaders in all kinds of professions, from human resources, to market research, to public administration, to law enforcement and more.

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Social Work

Discover a challenging profession and a rewarding and stimulating career in a field that is always changing. Social workers serve on the front lines of community restoration, serving underprivileged and struggling members of the population by intervening in contexts such as child welfare, chemical dependence, aging, corrections, and physical and mental health. Social workers strive every day to improve the lives of their neighbors.

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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s award-winning Theatre Department offers a program combining personalized attention with a full range of classroom and production opportunities. The theatre major exposes students to all aspects of the theatrical arts and allows students to focus their training in acting, design, technology and playwriting.

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