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Quest II: Ethical Reasoning

Quest II: Continue your adventure with intense investigations of ethical dilemmas.
Quest II: Ethical Reasoning

In your second semester on campus you'll enroll in a Quest II course.  Quest II courses are designed to help you recognize and reason through ethical dilemmas and also provide you with the skills to help you give voice to your own perspectives.  You'll engage in these ethical investigations in another learning community and examine a second Signature Question.

First-year students! Check out this quick guide to choosing your Quest II course pairs!

Essential Learning Outcomes

Your Quest II courses will engage the Essential Learning Outcome of Ethical Reasoning within the stated focus of the course. This can include anything from the deliberation of issues and claims to engagement with the driving or pressing questions within each academic field.

Choosing a New Signature Question

Since you addressed your first Signature Question last semester, you are ready to choose the next one. For your reference, the Signature Questions include:

How do people understand and create a more sustainable world?
How do people understand and engage in community life?

How do people understand and bridge cultural differences?

What Awaits You in Quest II?

In the second of your Quests, you’ll register for a different Signature Question than you had in Quest I.  If Quest Writing was paired with your Quest I class, be sure to register for a Quest II class that is paired with Quest Speaking, and vice versa.  Check out the current list of courses to see the possibilities.

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