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Bring your curiosity as you explore Nature, Culture, and Society in these fascinating, foundational courses.


In the University Studies Program, you have the opportunity to explore in courses in the following three categories:

  • Nature: In these mathematics and lab science courses, you will explore the physical and natural world, mathematics, life forms, scientific explanation, and the environment.
  • Culture: In these courses, you will explore human thought, its intellectual foundations and creative expression.
  • Society: In these courses, you will explore the past, political communities, local and global relations, diversity, rights and responsibilities.

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A few Explore courses are so intense and intentional they are called "Quests." As a student, you will pick your own path as you choose a Quest I course in the first semester, a Quest II course in the second semester, and a Quest III course in your sophomore year. All Quest courses are also Explore courses (Nature, Culture, or Society), and they each have a unique approach to exploration.  Students will explore a different Signature Question in each Quest and will enjoy learning communities, peer mentors, community experiences, alumni mentors, and more.


Want fascinating courses that keep you engaged and eager to learn about amazing topics? How does "Geographies of Coffee" sound? Or, how about "The History of Pirates" or "Energy in Today's World?"

While exploring the question of knowledge itself, you are invited to dive head first into fascinating Quest courses by asking big questions in small learning communities. There are dozens of innovative, relevant courses to choose from, and they are all designed to provide you a high-impact learning experience.

Quest courses are designed to provide a solid foundation for the rest of your education here, no matter which major you choose.