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USP-University Studies Program

  • 01_The University Studies Program

    01_The University Studies Program

    The University Studies Program — a community of learners on a Quest for 21st century knowledge and skills. Your adventure starts here.

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  • Quest II: Ethical Reasoning

    Quest II: Ethical Reasoning

    Quest II: Continue your adventure with intense investigations of ethical dilemmas.

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  • Quest III: Community Experience

    Quest III: Community Experience

    Quest III: Become a contributor to your campus and community.

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  • Connect


    Connect: After completing Quest I, II and III, you will reflect on your Quest and Explore learning experiences in an advanced writing course.

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About Info

Parents, Visitors and Community Partners

USP is a high-value, high-impact general education program designed to take students' learning to a new plateau in their all-important quest toward a degree and fulfilling career.

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About the Program

A newly created, one-of-a-kind general education program. USP ignites intellectual curiosity, introduces students to the opportunities of university life and is the gateway to a 21st century college education.

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Pollock House Reservation Request

The Pollock House may be used by small groups. Cost is $50 for events of 4 hours or less. Higher fees may apply for events more than 4 hours. Without prior approval, events may begin no earlier than 4 p.m. on weekdays, with set-up occurring no earlier than 3 p.m.

Pollock House room reservations are based upon availability. Those who rent the space are responsible for set-up and clean-up.

Due to the historic architecture of Pollock House, the first floor has limited wheelchair accessibility. Please notify us in advance if you or your guests require accommodations.

To submit a reservation request, please use the Pollock House Reservation Request form.