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UWO Mobile App

Learn about campus news, events and support resources right from your mobile phone. Mobile users on campus also have quick access to important safety resources, including the UWO Safe Walk program, incident reporting tools and the ability to chat or call the UWO Police Department. 

The UWO Mobile App is available for students, faculty, staff and guests of UW Oshkosh. All users have the option to receive campus safety notifications, including weather and emergency alerts.

App Features

Titan Alerts

The UWO Mobile App communicates all Titan Alerts through push notifications. This is a great feature for community members and guests who do not already receive Titan Alerts through text or email.

Mobile BlueLight (main screen)

If you’re in the City of Oshkosh, you can push the “Call Now” button on the Mobile BlueLight menu. The UW Oshkosh Police dispatch center will receive a notification that someone pressed the mobile BlueLight feature, and your location will show up on a virtual map. At the same time a phone call is made to our dispatcher.

Chat w/UWOPD (main screen)

You may use this feature to chat discreetly with UWOPD in non-emergency situations. This is also an option for community members who may need to chat with UWOPD discreetly. Request a Safewalk or Saferide, report information anonymously, ask a question and much more!

Virtual Safewalk (main screen)

Use this feature to let UWOPD know where you’re traveling (start and finish). This feature temporarily gives UWOPD your location for the duration of your walk, and you may engage with them at any time until you arrive at your destination.

Friend Walk (inside Safety Resources)

Use this feature to let a friend know where you’re traveling (start to finish). A text is sent to your friend and they can accept in order to watch you walk or drive from a starting location to where you plan on arriving.

Emergency Procedures (inside Safety Resources)

This function of the app gives you access to tips on how to react during an active threat, evacuation, fire, severe weather incident, and several other potentially dangerous situations.

UW Oshkosh Shuttle and Transit (inside Safety Resources)

Push this button to access the shuttle options available at UWO. The app will display their route, and if active, a live feed of where the shuttle is.

Report Information Anonymously (inside Safety Resources)

  • Bias Incident Reporting
  • Sexual Assault Resources and Reporting Information
  • Report non-emergency information such as crimes, suspicious incidents, or other concerns.


Campus Map (inside Campus Resources)

Use this interactive map to load information about parking lots, accessible entrances and parking areas, emergency phones and building information.

Other App Features and Information

  • Risk and Safety Office
  • Parking Services
  • Dining Services
  • Study Away
  • Digital Learning Environment
  • Campus News & Events
  • Support Resources
    • Campus Directory
    • Student Health Center
    • Counseling Center
    • Academic Advising
    • Dean of Students
    • Equal Opportunity and Access
    • LGBTQ Resource Center
    • Veterans Resource Center
    • Women’s Center
    • Bystander Intervention
    • Health Promotion & Wellness
    • Career & Professional Development


Campus Alert Settings (inside About/Preferences)

  • Select how you want to receive push notifications for when we send out Titan Alerts



Notification Settings (inside About/Preferences)

  • Be sure to Enable Notifications so we can send information to you when there is an emergency.