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UWO’s Brand Foundation

Marketing and Communications at UW Oshkosh

The former University Marketing and Communications team is now comprised of two separate offices:

University Marketing is situated within the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success. Our mission is to manage the University’s brand, provide training and marketing resources, and offer design and project management services for University recruitment, retention and advancement.

Reporting through the Chancellor’s office, University Communications is responsible for storytelling, strategic communications, public relations and media partnerships.

Contact Us

University Marketing
(920) 424-2442

University Communications

UWO Media Line
(920) 424-3168

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Marketing Toolkit

The new Marketing Toolkit is intended to empower UW Oshkosh faculty and staff with information, training and resources to help them market their events and programs.

Brand information

Find the logos, colors, imagery and style guides that make up the UW Oshkosh brand identity.

Template Design Kits

Find customizable templates for brochures, posters, handouts, postcards and more.

Template Downloads

Find letterhead, presentation slides, and other templates with UWO institutional branding.

Training resources

Find guides and tips for creating emails, websites, photography, and more.

Request marketing help

Request help with creating a marketing strategy for your event or program. Design services may also be available.

Submit Photography Request

Inform the Marketing office of upcoming events or opportunities for photography.

University Marketing Service Directory

Use the search bar to filter the list of services.

University Color PaletteView our brand colors on the Brand page.
Lettermark Usage GuidelinesLearn how to properly use the University lettermark (logo) on the Brand page.
Sub-BrandingRequest a sub-branded lettermark (logo) through our project request form.
Clash MascotDownload the Clash mascot image on the Brand page.
Athletics LogoThe University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Titans athletic wordmark, logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for the use by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and cannot be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the UW Oshkosh Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.
University Seal, Oviatt House Logo, or Former WordmarkThese marks are not the primary identifier for UW Oshkosh and should not be used on normal University documents or marketing materials.
Lettermark DownloadDownload the UW Oshkosh lettermark as well as the Fox Cities campus lettermarks on the Brand page.
Writing Style GuideThe communications style guide can be found on the Brand page.
Brand Platform Language to help guide messaging strategy can be found on the Brand page.
Email SignatureGuidance on creating an email signature can be found on the Brand page.
Web TrainingFind web training videos and best practices for editing your UW Oshkosh website on the Web Services page.
Social Media GuidelinesRead guidelines and tips for social media management on the Social Media Guidelines page.
Business CardsPersonalized business cards can be ordered through Document Services. Contact to place your order.
Email BannersUMC can create an email banner for you to use on email announcements. For more information, go to the Internal Communication website.
LetterheadYou may download and use UW Oshkosh letterhead document templates on the .
University TypographyOur main brand fonts are Baskerville and Avenir. Acceptable substitutes are Times New Roman, Open Sans, Helvetica Neue or Arial.
UWO Template Design KitsDesign kits are available for faculty and staff to create their own UWO branded posters, fliers, handouts and more on Canva.
Email TemplatesEmail templates are available on our Internal Communications website. New templates can be requested on our project request form.
Presentation TemplatesYou may download and use UW Oshkosh PowerPoint slide deck templates on the .
Social Media Profile PicturesUniversity Marketing can create branded social media profile pictures for University departments. Submit a request through the project request form.
Photography RequestFill out the photo request form. Priority is given to photography that will directly support University marketing, recruitment and retention.
Photo LibraryUniversity Marketing has a robust Flickr photo library that can be used by University employees to promote UW Oshkosh. View instructions for downloading photos from Flickr.
Photography TipsTips and best practices for DIY photos can be found on our Photography page.
HeadshotsUniversity Marketing holds open studio portrait sessions each month in the photo studio. Learn more on our Photography page.
Video RequestVideo production is available in a limited capacity to support university-level recruitment and marketing goals. Submit a project request.
Photo/Video Release FormIf you are taking your own photos for marketing or social media, please download the photography release form.
Marketing HelpIf you require help with a University marketing project or if you are not sure what you need, please submit a project request.
Open Meeting NoticesThe Open Meetings Notice form is operated by University Communications.
Website HelpFor assistance with a UW Oshkosh website, please contact
PrintingDocument Services handles the majority of on-campus printing. For print production questions and more information about printing at Document Services, view the Document Services website. Most on-campus printing and all off-campus printing requests should still go through University Marketing's project request form.
Shortlinks ( Oshkosh uses a URL shortener that allows for short URLs to be used on print pieces while offering robust tracking abilities in print and online. Request a Short URL form.
QR CodesAnyone can create QR codes by finding a free QR code generator online. Reach out to University Marketing if you need assistance.
Crisis CommunicationsCrisis communications and PR issues are handled by University Communications. Learn more about communications in the event of an emergency.
Media RelationsUniversity Communications handles all media relations for the University. Learn more on the Media Relations page.