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Want to Have a Umatter Program?

Are you looking for a Umatter program? Each facet of Umatter has a unique message and teaches a skill for making safe and healthy decisions. We hope this menu of programs and learning outcomes assists you in your program planning. For more information feel free to contact Alyssa Vosters at or

Program Options:
The Umatter Experience (Resource Fair)
Learning Outcomes:
  • Introduce students to Umatter.
  • Learn about each area of Umatter.
  • Students receive a tshirt or water bottle when they turn in their Umatter passport.


bac-matters.png listening-matters.png
Program Options:
  1. Mocktails
  2. Drink Pouring Exercise
  3. Trivia
  4. Guess your BAC

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the Green Zone and how to stay in it.
  • Determine your limit and stay within it.
  • Recognize what a standard drink looks like.
  • Learn the skill of controlling your BAC with an eCheckup to Go.
  • Understand ways to have fun without consuming too much, if any, alcohol.
  • Help a friend if they end up in the Red Zone.

Request a BAC Matters program for your event.

Program Options:

  1. Be REALL (Reach Out, Express Concern, Ask, Listen and Link) presentation
  2. Trivia game

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn ways to Reach out to friends who may be struggling.
  • Express concern.
  • Ask.
  • Listen.
  • Link them to help on campus, like the Counseling Center..

Request a Listening Matters program for your event.

 safety-matters.png consent-matters.png

Program Options:

  1. Meal with UP/CSO
  2. Safety Tours and Tips
  3. Safety Survey

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilize safety resources on campus, such as Safe Walks and Maps.
  • Text problems to IGOTYA at CRIMES (274637).
  • Recognize ways to keep yourself and others safe on campus.

Request a Saftey Matters program for your event.

Program Options:

  1. Consent Bingo
  2. Consent presentation
  3. How to Ask for Sex discussion

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is consent?  Asking first and hearing “Yes”.
  • How do you do it? Communicate your wishes and wants.
  • When do you do it?  Whenever you are being physically intimate.
  • How do you make it fun?  Make it sexy and exciting.
  • Understand that engaging in sexual activity without consent is a crime.
  • Contact: CARE peer educators at

Request a Consent Matters program for your event.

 action-matters.png  language-matters.png

Program Options:

  1. ACTion Matters training
  2. Action Matters worksheets

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize how to acknowledge the situation.
  • Choose an appropriate response.
  • Take Action- help someone out. Don’t be a bystander.
  • Help keep yourself and your community safe.

Request a Action Matters program for your event.

Program Options:

  1. Say What?!
  2. Learn how language affects your community!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to speak up when you hear racist or queerphobic slurs.
  • Educate yourself on how to be respectful and inclusive.
  • Take action to intervene in any unsafe/disrespectful situation.

Request a Language  Matters program for your event.


Umatter Incentives/Giveaways

Depending on your type of program you can request: Umatter T-shirts, Umatter water bottles, Umatter temporary tatoos, Umatter booklets, Umatter lanyards, BAC matters pens, Safety Matters whistle lights, Consent Matters condoms, Umatter, BAC, Listening, Language, and/or Action stickers.

(Any group or person hosting a Umatter event/program will also receive Umatter water bottles or T-shirts!)

Do you have a program that fits Umatter or one of the areas? 

You can develop your own Umatter program as long as it meets these learning outcomes. It’s important that each program, bulletin board or project include the Umatter messages to be effective and helpful. The Umatter website and Facebook page both have great information and videos on each area, as well. Contact your Umatter representative for more details or

Request a UMatter Program