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Rock Your Finals!

Finals week can be a stressful time period.  Listening Matters has come up with the idea for students to write postcards with positive messages to each other. In doing this, we hope students realize they are not alone and that we are helping them build a support system.  Therefore, one of our goals of the Listening Matters program is to help students feel more connected with others on campus.

The Postcard 

(Click the poster for a bigger size)

On the week of Nov. 18-22 we're going to have tables in the residence halls. There will also be tables in Reeve on November 19th,20th, and 21st from 11:00 am-1:00 pm.



For those in the residence halls, postcards will be delivered during finals week starting December 9th.

The Pledge

Students can also sign a Listen UP pledge and make postcards to students. The purpose of this pledge is for an individual to connect with a friend or someone they know that has been feeling down.pledge card

Most often there is uncertainty about what to do in this situation.  With this pledge, the individual can show they are making that effort and difference in the person's life. These will be available at the tables along with the postcards!

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