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Interrupting Discriminatory Behavior

When people use prejudice language, it can leave us at a loss for words and make us feel insecure. Here are some helpful guidelines for interrupting behavior that is hurtful and discriminatory.
  • Don't ignore it!
  • Be prepared for possible tension or conflict
  • Be aware of your own attitudes, stereotypes and expectations
  • Provide accurate information to challenge stereotypes and biases
  • Be aware of your own hesitancy to intervene in these situations
  • Project a feelings understanding, love and forgiveness when events occur
  • Be non-judgmental, but know the bottom line
  • Be a role model
  • Recognize it is a long term struggle, so try not to get too frustrated.

Commit to think twice about the words you use.  Support respectful and inclusive language in our community.  Your Language Matters!


Bias Motivated Incident / Crime Reporting Form

The purpose is to track the nature of bias motivated incidents on and off the UW Oshkosh campus in an effort to prevent future behaviors and to help maintain a positive learning, living and working environment within our community.

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