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How do you do it?

You may feel that asking for consent makes sex too formal. But, it doesn’t need to be. It can be very simple, ‘Is this OK with you?’ Or it can be as hot and creative as you want to make it! Discovering what your partner enjoys doing sexually, then being able to do that for them, can be very sexy. Here are some ideas:

Asking for consent isn't just about getting a "yes" or "no" answer, but also about truly understanding what your partner wants and is feeling.  The process of asking for consent should make you both feel respected and more connected to one another.

Consent Kissing Booth

Will asking for consent kill the mood?

  • No, it should make you both feel closer and more connected, more respected.
  • If the mood can be ruined with a question, it probably wasn't so hot to begin with.
  • The mood is really ruined when your partner feels uncomfortable, disrespected, or unsafe.

When to give the Green Light

When you are very clear that this is what YOU want.

When you feel you can trust your partner to respect your decision- even if you chance your mind.

 *Consent Matters website content is adapted from and American College Health Association (2008) "Shifting the paradigm: Primary prevention of sexual violence.*





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