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BAC Matters

If a few drinks make you feel good, do a lot of drinks make you feel great?

Unfortunately this is what many people believe. Although a few drinks can make someone feel good, having a lot of drinks work in reverse; it makes them feel worse. This is known as the biphasic effect.  To learn more click on The Buzz.


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Understanding BAC

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is vital knowledge for you whether you choose to drink or not. By completing this brief online program you will have the knowledge and skills to keep yourself safe or help a friend. Learning the skill of controlling your BAC will allow you to enjoy drinking while reducing your risk of harm such as accidents, legal problems, bad grades or becoming a victim of violence. If you don't drink, you can learn more about how to help a friend if their drinking becomes a concern or safety issue.


Take this 15-minute tutorial on how to control your BAC and why it matters.

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