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Handle It

What would you do in a situation where someone might get hurt? Here are a few short scenarios. Read the situation then think about the options and choose the methods that you think would best relieve the situation.

Scenario One

You're on the boy's basketball team and you are on Facebook when see one of your teammates' posts about upcoming "initiation" for this year's freshmen. You know it's actually hazing, and you're not comfortable with what they are planning. It seems that they push the limit a little more every year but they justify it by saying it's what makes the team close and that it's "tradition." You want to say something but feel intimidated and don't want them to think less of you. 


  • Don't do anything because it's a tradition and you don't want to get your teammates in trouble.
  • Talk to your teammates about a different approach to initiation, something that doesn't involve hazing, but is more of a team bonding approach.
  • Tell your coach about the "initiation" and ask that he takes action, but does not let your teammates know you told him.
  • Tell your school's athletic director about the hazing and ask that he takes action, but does not let your teammates know you told him.


Scenario Two

You're at a party. You see a couple you know arguing, and then you see the guy push and then slap his girlfriend. The guy isn't a close friend of yours and neither is the woman, but you do hang around with the same group of people. Nobody else is doing anything.


  • Don't do anything. It's none of your business.
  • Say something to the guy like,"Hey, what are you doing?" and stick around to make sure the situation has cooled down.
  • Get a group of people to contain the boyfriend while others try to get the woman away from him.
  • Talk to the woman at some point and let her know you saw what was going on and you're willing to help her.
  • When he calms down, either on the scene or later, talk to him and tell him what you witnessed was not okay, and he needs to get some help.
  • At the earliest possible opportunity, discuss this situation with some of his other friends and, together, decide on a course of action.

Scenario Three

You’re riding in the back seat of your friend’s car late one afternoon with two other male friends. Someone spots a young woman jogging a few hundred yards ahead and the driver starts to slow down. Your friend in the front seat starts to roll down his window to yell something at her.


  • Don’t say anything. It’s just harmless fun and speaking up would do more harm than good.
  • Try to change the subject in order to distract your friends and get their attention off of the female jogger.
  • Tell the driver to speed up and say “come on, guys let’s leave her alone.”
  • Don’t say anything right then, but later, tell my friends that I don’t think we should be harassing women like that.
  • Talk to a female friend of yours to find out how she would in this situation.


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