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Welcome to Plone V. 4.3.7

Congratulations! Your site has been successfully upgraded.

This upgrade process has been been completed. Among many site upgrades it will also make it easier to upgrade plone versions in the future. 


Browser Width

The width of your design is wider than the previous version so you have more space for content



The collections page has had a significant upgrade and you can now see the results of your search immediately without having to choose the view tab

Call To Actions


"Call to Actions" have been implemented throu TinyMCE so you can choose a bulleted list and have a call to actions panel in any portlet

Easier to use image slider


Drag and Drop Image Adding / Organizing

Other Features

  • TinyMCE upgraded and replaces KUPU
  • Your site is now responsive and will adjust itself for different sized devices. Try it! Make your browser smaller and then bigger.



Drag and Drop Image Adding / Organizing

Why The Upgrade

We started using Plone over 6 years ago. During that time the number of sites has grown so quickly that there was never time to upgrade previous versions unless the site owner requested the upgrade. We currently have 8 different versions of plone. We will not only be upgrading Plone but will be upgrading all the products (Plugins) that we have installed (ex. Plone Form Gen). Having fewer versions of Plone will increase our ability to support you and to address security, some user interface issues, and take advantages of new technologies that weren't available 6 years ago.

What You Need to Do


  1. All of your content that has been moved over is in a "private" state. 
  2. Look over all the pages on your site and, update the content. If you need to reorganize content do so at this time. 
  3. Publish the page you have finished reviewing.
  4. FontAwesome has been integrated so with a some copy and pasting you will be able to add a series of nice looking icons.

Reviewing and Publishing Content

Changing the default view of a folder

—The Plone Team

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