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Jenean Hodge

Jenean Hodge, who serves as campus administrative specialist for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Fox Cities campus, has been named the recipient of the August 2021 STAR Award.

She was nominated by two Fox Cities employees: Beth Johnson, associate geology professor; and Rose Marie Lewis, senior laboratory preparation technician:

“Jenean has truly gone above and beyond since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is the one who keeps our campus going!  When all the faculty were rushing to make the transition online for the spring semester and scrambling to get materials, she made sure we could email her to get whatever we needed from our campus offices and would have them waiting for us on a lab cart. She would even tuck in a bag of candy to cheer us up! She always makes sure to buy the campus cookies or other sweet treats to celebrate major milestones (i.e. her anniversary with the system, the first day back to classes, etc.).

“Jenean is the best procurer of knowing who to contact; where to get a form; what you can and can not do; collecting forms; and getting answers to every type of question possible under the sun for faculty, staff, students and the community. She gets this campus the material supplies we need in almost lightening fashion. And she does this with a happy and smiling attitude every single day.

“She educates us on how to do things ourselves and particularly when others are not available (for example, I haven’t had the need to use the Microsoft Team app; she walked me through it and made sure before my meeting that I had a camera and functioning headphone set). Some people have never really had to fax/email or use the printer a great deal. So she walks them through it.

“Jenean is an extraordinarily generous soul that helps to keep things running and the instructors sane. She truly is a STAR!”