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Michelle Lamb, who works for the Financial Aid Office as a senior information systems operations technician at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the February 2021 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Alison Casady, associate financial aid director.

Lamb’s nomination follows:

“Michelle began working in the Financial Aid Office at UWO almost 22 years ago. She goes above and beyond her job description on a daily basis. She will drop everything to make sure a student receives financial aid in order to pay his/her bill on time. She has been working at the Fond du Lac campus weekly to ensure students who need the most help are receiving it. Michelle assisted multiple students submit their FAFSA (federal application) and the required documentation to our office. Michelle often does additional duties assigned by the director, in the absence of other employees, without complaint. She is extremely knowledgeable and her PeopleSoft experiences help us troubleshoot almost daily. She led our department in the 9.2 PeopleSoft upgrade. She also is the co-chair for the Student Information Systems Core group. I would not hesitate to say that other offices we work closely with would agree she is deserving of this recognition. Michelle is so much fun to work with and has taught me invaluable lessons.

Michelle also manages ImageNow for our office. Along with daily processes, she stays on top of the ever-changing federal regulations to remain compliant with federal and state aid. She also stays current by attending conferences, PeopleSoft summits and webinars. Michelle works closely with the associate director and director of financial aid. She also collaborates frequently with admissions, registrars and student accounts. Michelle is always willing to share her knowledge, but we feel she is irreplaceable.”