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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s new Mentor Network combines the knowledge and experience of the University’s alumni with the power of a professional networking tool to help students and alumni alike reach their career goals.

The Mentor Network, a subgroup of the UW Oshkosh Alumni group on LinkedIn, offers a platform for current students to connect with alumni and other professionals for networking and career development opportunities, such as:

  • Learning about personal and professional development;
  • Sharing knowledge, perspectives and valuable resource information;
  • Discussing career opportunities; and
  • Coordinating networking opportunities.

“The new Mentor Network on LinkedIn allows alumni to assist students and fellow graduates with career advice via a social media platform many of them already use for their own professional development,” said UWO Alumni Director Christine Gantner.

“Students using the Mentor Network not only become familiar with LinkedIn as a resource, but also have the opportunity to connect  with experienced alumni, get career advice and build their own professional networks.”

More than 85 million professionals worldwide use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Many UW Oshkosh  alumni and students find that having a LinkedIn account is a valuable resource for learning about career opportunities and gaining professional contacts.

In addition to the new network, UW Oshkosh’s Alumni Relations Office also offers career advising services to alumni. UWO alumni career adviser Frank Holmes has helped hundreds reach their career goals.

Learn about how to join the Mentor Network.