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Tyler Westenberger, who works for Custodial Services as a custodial lead at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the March 2020 STAR Award. 

He was nominated by Amanda Olesen, custodial supervisor for Custodial Services. 

The nomination follows:

“There are so many reasons why Tyler is deserving of the STAR award, but the few reasons that I think are most important really stand out. Tyler is such an important member of our team! No matter what tasks need to be accomplished each day, he does it with a positive attitude.  

Now I know so many employees do the same thing, but Tyler carries his positive attitude with him wherever he goes, and no matter who he interacts with. He knows everyone in our department and sub departments, and can start up a conversation with any of them and make their day. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it; no matter if he has to stay later than his normal hours, no matter if it is residence life, academics, or even ground, he is there no matter what.  

Other than his great customer and employee skills, he does a great job with staying organized and solving issues that come his way. He helps me with daily tasks that need to be organized and catches things that I sometimes miss, this is such an important aspect to have on my team and I am proud to have him as my ‘right-hand man.’  Please consider Tyler for the STAR award so we, as a department, can show how much we appreciate all he does.”