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Kathy Ludwig, who works as a licensed practical nurse in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Health Center, has been named the recipient of the October 2019 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Shawn Ekstrom, senior physician and medical director for the Student Health Center.

The nomination follows:

“Kathy is a STAR who has worked on this campus for over two decades. She is a licensed practical nurse at the Student Health Center and works diligently to provide quick and friendly service to UWO students. She will work her magic with the schedule to fit students in so they do not have to worry about any health concerns. She is kind and supporting and has used her practiced motherly ear to do more than see students, she has been an avid listener and advocate for them. She knows the University’s resources and is quick to help students get connected to them.

“Student wellness is her first priority. Besides being a kind, caring nurse, Kathy also has brought her Westie dog, Lily, to campus for many years. Kathy and Lily have spent numerous after-clinic hours in resident halls, at University functions and allied campus resource places for students to have that extra compassionate touch and snuggle of a sweet dog. She is with students through their smiles and tears. She comforts them and encourages them in the basic sense. Students are so appreciative, and when they see her on campus identify her as Lily’s mom, and then they reiterate the wonderful opportunity they had with Kathy and Lily.

“Kathy was instrumental in developing the UWO Diabetes Alliance group and serves as a leader. She and Lily are sure to be at the yearly Ally March and Shamrock Shuffle showing their support. Kathy is very deserving of the STAR award for all of her student and University-directed efforts.”