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Donna Mauk, who works as a cashier for Student Financials at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Oshkosh campus, has been named the recipient of the September 2019 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Jean Wolfgang, bursar for Student Financials.

The nomination follows:

“Donna Mauk has really gone above and beyond getting students connected with the services needed outside her area, especially those students with past due balances. She makes sure the students find their way from the Cashier’s window to the Financial Aid office and she instructs them on the questions they need to ask to get resolution.

“Donna on several occasions over the past few months has called on myself and other staff members to assist students in distress to personally walk them to the Dean of Students or other offices they need to seek appropriate assistance from. She never turns away the students in greatest need even if our office isn’t where they need to be.

“In the past year Donna has also assisted numerous departments in becoming compliant with the cash handling procedure on campus. She connects other employees with training and needed supplies, such as locking bags and receipt books. She is an active part of changing the culture on campus to a culture of compliance.

“Donna has worked for the University for over 10 years in the Cashier’s office. When I started with the University, I quickly found that Donna has friends all over campus, loves change (I can’t make change fast enough for her), loves working with and guiding students, and will always give you her honest opinion.

“Others in Finance and Administration and myself have pushed Donna to work with campus for greater cash handling compliance, she has shown commitment to compliance and has been key making positive changes. With Donna’s help we were able to train over 140 employees in cash handling. Donna assisted in updating the cash handling procedure and putting together the training presentation. Most importantly, she gave constructive criticism and suggested revisions to the training.

“Donna has been asked to actively participate in cash handling reviews, which requires her to put together information relating to departmental deposits.  She did this timely and with smile. She also provided additional information, explanation and suggestions to assist with the cash handling reviews.   Having worked with Donna for less than two years, I have reached out to others to get their impression of Donna.

“An employee from another department, Jan K. summarizes Donna well and provides a great background.  Donna is like a fully charged adding machine!  Give her a cup of coffee, some deposits and her computer, and she is off and entering away!  She is always smiling and willing to help no matter the stress level that she is in!  With her sunny personality, she is the perfect person to greet customers at her cashier’s window! I can’t think of anyone else who better deserves this award!  You are a rock to many!  Go Donna!

“Gail L. from our office had this to say about Donna: “I have worked with Donna since my first day here at UW Oshkosh and she is such a great person to work with. She proudly wears the title ‘The Cashier’ as a badge of honor and is very knowledgeable at what she does. She always takes the busiest of times in stride as she continues to make sure everything is done right and on time for students and departments. Her attention to detail with the numbers she has to work with every day shows her commitment to excellence in all she does. Donna’s extensive knowledge of the cashiering area constantly has her looking to make current processes better and more efficient for our department as well as others.  She makes ‘paying your bill’ a little better experience for students with her smile and helpful advice. Donna is very deserving of this award.

“Fellow employee Lisa S. was happy to share: “Donna is awesome!  There are so many different facets to her position, and she keeps it all on track and running smoothly. For anyone familiar, we know that the Cashier’s Office is CRAZY busy at certain times throughout each semester and she manages to keep her cool, put on a smile and get it done. If she is not at her window, you know she is just getting her caaawfeeee!  And when she is back, she is better than ever.

“I can’t stress enough the extra mile Donna goes for the students ensuring they get their questions answered and get any needed assistance from the Student Financials area or other from other departments, such as Registration or Financial Aid. She is very motherly with the students, being firm and giving them the needed information and guidance for their success. Donna cares about all students, but especially for her student workers.

“Former student worker Luiz S. said that Donna creates a wonderful environment for her student workers: Congratulations to Donna Mauk for an absolutely well-deserved Star Award for so many years of dedication in working with students at UW Oshkosh. Throughout the year that Donna and I worked side-by-side, she taught me many lessons that contributed to my professional development. While observing Donna’s work with the students, I had many opportunities to learn and develop patience and resilience. Donna made me feel welcome from day one and is one of the employees responsible for the great environment of the Finance and Administration Office. I am forever thankful for her contribution in my learning.

“Donna Mauk is an asset to the University and we are all fortunate to work with her.  I hope many of you reading this have the opportunity to congratulate Donna on a job well done. “