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Thomas Romanowski, a custodian with Custodial Services at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Oshkosh campus, has been named the recipient of the August 2019 STAR Award.

He was nominated by Cindy Schultz, academic department associate for the journalism department.

Nomination follows:

“Tom Romanowski is a top-notch professional in the work that he does daily in Sage Hall. Tom is the custodian responsible for the office side of things in Sage Hall for all four floors! That is a lot for the average person. However, Tom is extraordinary in all that he does. He reaches out to departments to find out what their summer cleaning needs are. Tom always has a can-do attitude and is very helpful in trouble-shooting prospective issues while maintaining the cleanliness of Sage Hall. Many times I see him running around like a chicken with his head cut off because there is a never-ending stream of garbage and recyclables to collect, bathrooms to clean, computer labs to vacuum, and faculty and departmental offices to manage. If you have a concern about a certain area, Tom has been able to help come to a solution that benefits all parties involved.

“In addition, I see Tom consistently striving to better himself. He applied for, and was granted, the University Staff Senate Sally Margis Award last year. This grant allowed him to build on his leadership and fundraising skills to assist with his children participating in national competitions as part of their education. Also, when I reached out to Tom to ask about his interest in serving on the University Staff Senate, after elections brought no one from the Facilities Management area that was willing to step up to serve. He reached out to his supervisor and was granted permission to join the Senate. This speaks very highly to his can-do attitude and willingness to grow as an individual. For these reasons, I believe Tom is very deserving of the STAR award.”