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Judy Lloyd, a program assistant for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Division of Online and Continuing Education (OCE), has been named the recipient of the March 2019 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Jason Hubbard, OCE outreach program manager.

The nomination follows:

“Judy Lloyd has been a program assistant for the Division of Online and Continuing Education since 2008. During her nearly 10 years at UW Oshkosh, she has provided outstanding customer service to thousands of individuals in our community and across the lifespan, from members of our Learning in Retirement (LIR) organization to professionals attending conferences, youth participating in career exploration academies and so much more. There are few who possess the range of ability to serve such a broad audience with consistent satisfaction and high results.

“Judy does it all, and always with a warm smile and a friendly “How ya doing?” She is responsible for everything from creating online registration pages and website updates to assembling course catalogs and mailings, collecting payments, coordinating facilities and on-site setup of programs. She is often the first point of contact for our customers. She knows her members by name; she anticipates their needs and takes a sincere interest in their lives. In short, she is an actively engaged strategic thinker who aims to please.

“OCE has relied on Judy’s expertise and insight through a variety of transitions. She has willingly served and contributed to our division’s professional development committee. She has been integral to developing the strategic plan and direction of our department. She wears two hats as support for both Continuing Education and LIR. When the need arose, she volunteered to undertake website maintenance for our department. She routinely offers suggestions for evaluating and improving program offerings. She anticipates the reports her program managers need before even asking. When Judy is approached with a question, whether tied to her responsibilities with LIR and Continuing Education or completely related to areas outside of her realm, such as online advising or the campus in general, she is the first to offer assistance, reach out and make connections.

“Judy never hesitates to go beyond the call of duty and is an asset to our department in many ways. She has mentored a number of new staff during her tenure. Her co-workers value the knowledge resulting from her years of experience. She catches on quickly to new processes, asks clarifying questions, offers advice and digs for answers on a daily basis. President Reagan may have been dubbed “the great communicator,” but Judy Lloyd would certainly give him a run for his money.

“When asked to undertake a new responsibility, Judy is right there. She was recently asked to fill a vacancy on University Staff Senate and encouraged to serve on the Leadership Development Team, because she is known across campus for her dependability and great work. The ease with which she handles the everyday stresses of her job, her humility and putting the needs of others first, coupled with a good dose of humor, is a shining example of servant leadership. Our team in OCE could not be successful without her organizational skills and dedication. These qualities endear her, and for that she deserves this overdue honor and recognition.”