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Mary Manchester, who works for the College of Nursing (CON) as a university services associate at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the February 2019 STAR Award.

Manchester was nominated by Ann Paremski, CON program associate.

The nomination follows:

“Mary is a professional, self-motivated and highly skilled member of the College of Nursing’s administrative team. She is the face of the Dean’s Suite and is ready to assist anyone who walks through the door. She will go above and beyond what is expected of her.

“When the donated equipment was to be offered to all the nonprofits in the area, Mary realized there was a piece of equipment the Humane Society could use. After other health agencies had the opportunity first, on the final day she picked up and delivered the piece of needed equipment on her own time. Mary took on this project and stayed diligent until the building was empty.

“During reorganization in our main office, many projects were reassigned. The additional responsibilities for me meant I could not manage being the point person for the Nightingale event. Previously, Mary was never involved with the Nightingale event but proudly volunteered to take it on and organize the entire event. She went above and beyond by keeping track of all the financial details and working side by side with the advancement officer. There are many elements to create an event as successful as Nightingale. She even managed to speak in front of the Board of Visitors about the selection process for the winners of the event. The whole process took months, but she stayed on top of everything and the event was a success!

“She continuously assists faculty in multiple aspects of their role. She manages the textbooks and supplements for the undergraduate program. She meticulously reviews due dates and tracks changes to the complex textbook system and will go that extra step to make sure the process runs smoothly. She is very tech savvy and is our social media guru including taking fabulous photos at the last minute when called upon. It’s been a pleasure working with Mary as she is always happy and positive.”