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Sarah Adelson, who serves as the program assistant for the College of Letters and Science’s Cooperative Academic Partnership Program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the January 2019 STAR Award.

She was nominated by John Dobyns, CAPP outreach and operations director; and Sue Jaeke, registration manager in the Registrar’s Office.

Adelson’s nomination follows:

“I would like to nominate Sarah Adelson for the STAR Award. She is the glue that holds the CAPP Office together. And by that, I mean she is the keystone to holding together 4,000 students, 350-plus high school teachers, 110 high school principals, 85 professors, four deans and countless offices on this campus. For CAPP to work for the kids and the University, it needs to both function autonomously and in concert with pertinent on-campus areas. Two of main functions in CAPP, which are completely overseen by Adelson, are our student application and registration processes.

“In the past year, CAPP, through Adelson’s efforts, has become self-supporting as we work through the student course registration processes. She not only builds CAPP sections, but also populates students into these sections. The later process was not a part of her job description. She added this duty not only to help out the Registrar’s Office, but also to have a greater ability to help CAPP students with issues. Coupled with this example of her willingness to take on new work duties was her takeover of the online registration process. Adelson taught herself enough Plone coding (over a weekend) to create an online portal for CAPP student registration (after our IT contact left the University unexpectedly). This allowed CAPP to not only get rid of thousands of pink registration sheets, but also to trim our short-term hiring.

“Adelson, almost single-handedly, is responsible for building 400 course sections, getting kids into these sections, and troubleshooting for the adjuncts, liaisons and 4,000 students across Wisconsin (and Illinois). If you ask, at random, folks from one of the 110 CAPP partner high schools to describe their impression of UW Oshkosh, 99.9 percent of the respondents will know Adelson and speak of her glowing work in helping them. She is the voice of this University to literally thousands of of partners and future Titans. She is a STAR.”