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Conner Klein

This Spotlight series recognizes a UW-Fox Valley student’s academic achievements and personal story. Students are nominated for this spotlight by faculty and staff.

Name: Conner Klein
Age: 20
Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
Career program/major: Business

What is your career or life goal?

I am uncertain about what I want to do in the business field. I hope that whatever I may do will have a positive impact on society. I am considering starting an adaptive equipment business that will help families who have loved ones that need wheelchairs, medical beds, wheelchair-accessible vans, etc. I have a brother who has special needs that requires adaptive equipment. He is my inspiration to help others who have similar needs.

What led you to choose your program or major?

At first, I chose to become a business major because I knew it was a broad field that had many opportunities to explore. I am now certain of my decision. I am intrigued by the competitive and cause-and-effect nature that the business world observes.

Why did you decide to become a University of Wisconsin student at UWFox?

I decided to become a UWFox student to save money on my education and living expenses. In addition to the lower tuition costs, I also received a full academic scholarship that has paid for all of my tuition expenses.

Is there a UWFox professor or staff member who made a difference in your life or inspired you?

Professor Halverson has made a significant impact on my education and involvement at UWFox. She has taught several of my business classes, highlighting the interesting and unique qualities that the business world can offer. She has provided a lot of advice and guidance to me in academics and career planning. As an advisor of the Business Club, she encouraged me to take a leadership role in the club; I am currently the vice president. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming UWFox student?

Do not listen to the stigmas about two-year campuses. There are countless opportunities for personal development and growth here at UWFox. You just need to take the time to look. Smaller class sizes allow for a more enriching learning experience that you can take to a four-year college. I have made many new friendships and connections that I want to maintain long after my time at UWFox.

Describe something unexpected that happened here at UWFox

I would never have expected all of the opportunities that have come my way. Before enrolling, I was offered a full academic scholarship to attend UWFox. I attended a summit for Ethics in Business, an opportunity that only a select few students were offered. 

When not in class or studying, what keeps you busy?

I work in the sporting goods department at Fleet Farm to save for when I transfer to a four-year college. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. During the summer, my favorite hobby is to go wilderness camping.

What are your plans after UWFox?

I plan on transferring to a four-year college of business; however, I am uncertain which one I will choose at this time. I plan on pursuing a degree in business management or entrepreneurship. This is my plan now, but I have not explored all the facets of business yet; I am keeping an open mind as I come across new ideas and topics.

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