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This Spotlight series recognizes a UWFox student’s academic achievements and personal story. Students are nominated for this spotlight by faculty and staff.Belinda Lyons

Name: Belinda Lyons

Hometown: Appleton

Current program/major: Undecided

Why did you choose UW-Fox?

I chose UW-Fox because it is conveniently located close to my home. The small class sizes are perfect for a student who has been out of school for many years.

Why did you choose your program/major?

When I met with my advisor, I was quite shocked to find out that my college credits from all of those years ago would transfer and that I was so close to getting an associate degree. I decided to go back to school to prove to myself that I could earn that degree. 

What are you learning about your career field that you find interesting or rewarding?

The thing that I found to be rewarding was the fact that I got the courage to go back to school and I am learning that I really enjoy it. I am a stronger person now and it helps me to work harder. I had lost my job of 24 years and I felt like a failure. I couldn’t find a job because I was either over qualified or under qualified. Going back to school is giving me an opportunity to gain more knowledge, build my confidence and accomplish one of my goals.

In addition to being a college student, what takes up your free time?

I have a full-time job now that I really enjoy.  In my free time (which is minimal), when I am not working or studying, I love to spend time with my husband and our four grown children. In the summer, when I am not in school, I really enjoy gardening, landscaping and home improvement projects. 

What do you plan to do after UW-Fox?

After completing my Associate of Arts & Science Degree, I believe I will have a foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education or in human resources.

What is one piece of advice you have for incoming UW-Fox students?

My advice is to stay focused, study hard and to use the available tutoring resources that UWFox has to offer. Remember to have fun and make good choices.

What is something unexpected or surprising that has happened during your time at UWFox?

The one surprising thing for me was that I was nominated for the student spotlight.

To meet with a UW-Fox Valley advisor about returning to college as a non-traditional student, call (920) 832-2620.

UWFox is part of the University of Wisconsin System and one of the 14 freshman/sophomore campuses of the UW Colleges. UWFox offers an Associate of Arts and Science Degree, the foundation to a bachelor’s degree and specialized professional and occupational degrees. 


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