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The University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac has named its 2011-12 Kaplan Award recipients. Through this award, individuals or teams are recognized for significant and innovative improvement in instruction and service to students.

This award honors Arthur M. Kaplan, who retired in 1993 as vice chancellor of the UW Colleges. Kaplan was committed to improving the quality of instruction and service to students at the UW Colleges’ campuses.
Recipients of the award receive a $250 grant that can be used to further enhance their creative approaches to education.

Richard Gustin, communication and theater arts professor, received an award for engaging students from his acting class in planning and executing the UW-Fond du Lac Diversity Workshop designed to promote peace, self-awareness and respect for diversity.
Students were able to exercise leadership, time management and critical thinking skills in a creative team-building environment while providing a valuable service to the campus community.

Khaled Hussein, mathematics professor, received an award for inspiring and engaging the interest of students by connecting mathematical concepts to real-world applications.
He used technology and web-based materials and implemented new methods of teaching that targeted the different learning styles of students.
“The Kaplan awards are a great honor and signify major accomplishments by the faculty and staff on our campus,” said John Short, UW-Fond du Lac CEO and Dean. “Faculty members such as Richard Gustin and Khaled Hussein demonstrate the creative approaches to student learning and success as well as the commitment to professionalism and best practices in higher education.”

UW-Fond du Lac is one of the thirteen campuses of the UW Colleges which are, collectively, the freshman/sophomore liberal arts transfer institution of the UW System. Kaplan Awards are presented at each of the thirteen campuses.


Laurie Krasin