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Region includes UW-FDL, UW-Fox Valley, UW-Manitowoc

Cathy Sandeen, Chancellor of University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension, recently named individuals to newly created leadership positions for the Northeast Region of the UW Colleges. The Northeast Region includes UW-Fond du Lac, UW-Fox Valley Valley and UW-Manitowoc.

Laurie KrasinLaurie Krasin has been appointed regional director of communications. She was previously the director of marketing and communications at the UW-Fond du Lac campus. Krasin earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UW-Oshkosh. She has been with the UW Colleges since 2000.


Suzanne LawrenceSuzanne Lawrence has been appointed regional director of continuing education. She was previously the director of continuing education at the UW-Manitowoc and UW-Sheboygan campuses. Lawrence earned a master’s degree in counseling from Lakeland College and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Silver Lake College. She has been with the UW Colleges since 2012. 

Renee AndersonRenee Anderson will serve as regional executive assistant. She was previously the dean’s executive assistant at the UW-Fond du Lac campus. Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational administration from UW-Oshkosh and her associate’s degree at UW-Fond du Lac. She has been at UW-Fond du Lac in the dean’s office since 2010.

These individuals began their new positions on Jan. 4. Under the new administrative model announced in July, the 13 UW Colleges have been grouped into four regions, each with a regional leadership team. Dr. Martin Rudd is the new regional executive officer and dean for the Northeast region. He was previously the dean and CEO at the UW-Fox Valley campus.

“I am delighted that these three individuals, drawing on their UW Colleges experience, will continue to be a part of the regional leadership team in northeast Wisconsin,” said Rudd.


Laurie Krasin