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summer 2015 biology course at UW-Fond du Lac will include travel as part of the class experience.

Biology of the Florida Keys Marine Environment (BIO 298) will focus on the ecology of the Keys and the Southern Florida ecosystem. Major topics include invertebrate diversity, sea grass ecology, coral reef ecology and identification of reef fish, sea turtles and mangrove ecology. A typical day is spent doing two to three snorkeling field trips to various ecosystems. Students will also participate in labs and lectures related to the field trips. Trip dates are July 15- 21, 2015.

This three-credit course can be taken by current college students, high school juniors and seniors, and community members. There are pre-course/pre-travel activities for the summer class. The instructor is Trish Strohfeldt. Financial aid may be available to UW-Fond du Lac degree-seeking students.

For more information send an e-mail to or call (920) 929-1155.


Teri Mattek