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Cathy Sandeen, Chancellor of University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin-Extension, named 13 individuals to the newly created positions of Regional Associate Deans/Campus Administrators for the UW Colleges.

For the Northeast Region, these individuals are:

Bethany Rusch

Bethany Rusch, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance/Campus Administrator, UW-Fond du Lac (currently Assistant Campus Dean for Administration and Finance, UW-Fond du Lac)

Bill Bultman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Campus Administrator, UW-Fox Valley (currently Associate Campus Dean for Academic Affairs, UW-Fox Valley Valley)

Carla Rabe, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management/Campus Administrator, UW-Manitowoc (currently Assistant Campus Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, UW-Fox Valley Valley)

Under the new administrative model announced in July, the 13 UW Colleges will be grouped into four regions, with one Executive Officer/Dean per region. Those new leaders were announced on Oct. 2.

Each of the Associate Deans in this regional model will be located on a different campus in the region. In addition to their regional Associate Dean responsibilities, each will also carry the designation of “campus administrator.” As campus administrator, they will be responsible for overseeing daily internal operations for their specific campus. In this way, each campus will have a resident full-time Associate Dean to manage day-to-day administrative and operational issues that may emerge on a campus.

For more information, including transition details, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Laurie Krasin