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UW-Fond du Lac Communications Professor Kristi Wilkum, Ph.D., has been named coordinator of the UW Colleges Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The IRB reviews and approves research involving human subjects conducted at any of the two-year UW Colleges campuses located across the state of Wisconsin. Wilkum has served on the board for two years and joined the UW-Fond du Lac faculty in 2011.

“Dr. Wilkum has a strong interest in remaining on the cutting edge of research trends,” said Martin Rudd, UW Colleges regional executive officer and dean. “Her background and experience will be valuable to guide and support researchers through the review process.”

UW-Fond du Lac is part of the UW Colleges, the UW System’s network of 14 freshman/sophomore campuses (including UW Colleges Online).


Laurie Krasin