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Award recognizes outstanding contributions to students

Professors Harris and Woodward
Dr. Paisley Harris (left) and Dr. Carey Woodward (right).

This award recognizes individuals for significant and innovative improvement in instruction and/or service to students. Recipients receive a $250 grant from the university which is matched by an award from the UW-Fond du Lac Foundation. The award honors Arthur M. Kaplan, who retired in 1993 as vice chancellor of the UW Colleges.

Dr. Paisley Harris, history and women’s studies professor, is recognized for developing a new approach to first year seminars which address student needs during their transition to college. Her emphasis on student engagement is having a positive impact on student success.

Dr. Carey Woodward, physics and astronomy professor, received an award for adoption of a “smart pen” note taking tool in his physics courses. During class, students use the smart pens to record pen strokes and group discussion. This information is uploaded to the course site for review by students as needed to improve their retention and learning of course material.

“Dr. Harris and Dr. Woodward have demonstrated creative approaches to student learning,” said Martin Rudd, UW Colleges regional executive officer and dean. “They are committed to the success of our students and very deserving of this great honor and recognition.”


Laurie Krasin