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UW-Fond du Lac hosted an overflow crowd for a citizen dialogue focusing on the national debt on Oct. 25. The event was one of a series of public deliberations being held across the state by the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS).

More than 100 students and community members filled the large group instruction room at the university to discuss the topic: A Nation in Debt: How Can We Pay the Bills?

UW-Fond du Lac student LuAnn Parish (left) and community members Michael McAuly (center) and David Fellenz were part of a group of about 20 moderated by Donald Schwartz (foreground), UW-Fond du Lac political science instructor.

In the small groups, participants discussed possible options to approach the national debt and also how each action has trade-offs.

Participants were led by moderators through a discussion of three possible options: Agree to Make Sacrifices Now, Strengthen Checks and Balances and Invest in Growth First.

The results of the dialogue event held at UW-Fond du Lac will be compiled and shared publicly at a statewide public policy forum in fall 2012.



Laurie Krasin