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Public Input is Invited

The University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac will host a team of evaluators from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Nov. 4-7, 2012, as part of the 10-year evaluation continuing accreditation process undertaken by nearly all colleges and universities.

UW-Fond du Lac, a campus of the University of Wisconsin Colleges, has been engaged in a self-study process for the past 18 months as part of the continuing accreditation process. John Short, CEO/dean of UW-Fond du Lac said the evaluators will visit the campus to gather evidence that the self-study is thorough and accurate. Formal continuing accreditation is expected to be granted in March 2013.

UW Colleges has been accredited since 1977 to offer an Associate of Arts and Science degree. This year, UW Colleges has also applied for accreditation to offer a new Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree-completion program at six campuses not including UW-Fond du Lac.

The Higher Learning Commission accreditation is based on five key criteria: Whether UW Colleges is meeting its stated mission; is prepared to meet future needs; uses effective teaching methods and achieves positive learning outcomes; provides opportunities for the acquisition, discovery and application of knowledge; and actively engages and serves the community. More information about the criteria is available on the UW Colleges website at

The public is invited to submit comments regarding the college to: Public Comment on UW Colleges/UW-Fond du Lac, The Higher Learning Commission, 230 S. LaSalle St. Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL, 60604-1411. Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. The public may also submit comments on the Commission’s Web site at

Comments must be signed and should include the name, address and telephone number of the person providing the comments. Comments will not be treated as confidential. Comments must be received by October 4, 2012. The commission cannot guarantee that comments received after that date will be considered.

People who have a specific dispute or grievance with an institution should request the separate policy on complaints document from the commission office. The Higher Learning Commission cannot settle disputes between institutions and individuals. Complaints will not be considered third party comments.

The Higher Learning Commission is one of six accrediting agencies in the United States that provide institutional accreditation on a regional basis. The commission accredits about 1,100 institutions of higher education in a 19-state region and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Institutional accreditation evaluates an entire institution and accredits it as a whole. Other agencies provide accreditation for specific programs. Accreditation is voluntary.

UW-Fond du Lac is a campus of the University of Wisconsin Colleges, the University of Wisconsin System’s network of 13 freshman/sophomore campuses and UW Colleges Online that offer an Associate of Arts and Science degree and prepare students of all ages and backgrounds for baccalaureate and professional programs.



Laurie Krasin