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Lancaster, R.
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Friess, M. UW Oshkosh Graduate Council (2015-2017).

Friess, M. Chair, CON Graduate Committee (2015-2016).

Gobis, L. President, Wisconsin Nurses Association (2015-2017).

Karlin, J. Secretary, Eta Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (2016-2018).

MacWilliams, B. President-Elect, American Assembly for Men in Nursing (2015-2016).

Marnocha, S. President, Association of Nursing Educators of Wis. (ANEW) (2015-2016).

Nickasch, B. UW Oshkosh Evaluation Committee (2016).

Nickasch, B. UW Oshkosh Libraries and Learning Resources Advisory Committee (2015-2016).

Schmidt, B. UW Oshkosh Institutional Review Board (2016-2019).

Schmidt, B. Chair, Evaluation Committee (2016-2017).

Schmidt, B. Chair, Research and Professional Development Committee (2016).

Smolinski, L. Board of Directors, Emergency Nurses Association (2014-2016).

Smolinski, L. Education Committee Member, Emergency Nurses Association (2015-2017).

Smolinski, L. Vice President, Eta Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (2016-2018).

Westphal, J. UW Oshkosh Faculty Development Board (2014-2016).