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College of Nursing Dean’s Club
Dean’s Club members are those who have given gifts of $500 or more to the College of Nursing in a calendar year and also are noted with * on the other lists.

Marie D. Able MBA ’85
Roger W. Able Agnesian Healthcare
Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Aurora Health Care
Annette L. Blanchette BS ’60
William Cherek
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation
Nancy Elsberry
Gregory L. Gibbons ’74 BSN
Mary S. Gibbons ’72 BSN
Joan D. Hauer ’74 BSN, ’78 MSN
InFaith Community Foundation
Jane A. Kreplick ’85 BSN
Rachelle J. Lancaster ’99 BSN
Phyllis L. Leach
Andrew and Karen Leavitt
William T. Lecher ’87 BSN
Eileen M. Leinweber ’83 BSN, ’87 MSN
Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh Inc.
Suzanne Marnocha
Donald J. McDonald BS ’79
Sylvia E. McDonald
Cheryl L. Mellenthin ’79 BSN
Mercy Medical Center Volunteers
Ministry Health Care
James R. Mitchell
Eldred G. Mugford BA ’74
Leslie Neal-Boylan
Neil E. Park Family Foundation Inc.
Mark A. Chapman Foundation
Mary Novak-Jandrey ’74 BSN
Oshkosh Area Community Foundation
Traci L. Raether ’87 BSN, ’95 MSN
Rosemary K. Smith
Laura L. Smolinski
Thomas A. Plein Foundation LTD
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation Inc.
Janice L. Ziebell ’74 BSN
Mark D. Ziebell BS ’73

Alumni Donors from other UWO Colleges

Marie D. Able MBA ’85*
Annette L. Blanchette BS ’60*
Lori J. Kroening BA ’89
Julie A. Lemanski BS ’76
Mary L. Lewis LYA ’59
Donald J. McDonald BS ’79*
Eldred G. Mugford BA ’74*
Myron F. Splitgerber BS ’62
Seth D. Udlis MBA ’03
Daniel W. Westphal BS ’74
Mark D. Ziebell BS ’73*

2015 Alumni Donors
Donor lists are accurate to the best of our ability. If you have questions or corrections, please call (920) 424-3165. Dean’s Club donors noted with *.

Barbara L. Allen BSN
Mary S. Gibbons BSN*

Rebecca L. Cleveland BSN

Gregory L. Gibbons BSN*
Joan D. Hauer BSN, ’78 MSN*
Mary Novak-Jandrey BSN*
Janice L. Ziebell BSN*

Marsha L. Brightman BSN, ’81 MSN
Janice E. Taylor BSN

Eileen N. Lukes BSN
Mary C. Sobralske BSN, ’82 MSN

Margaret L. Cardiff BSN
Cheryl L. Mellenthin BSN*

Lillian J. Nordin MSN

Jamie G. Bonell BSN, ’86
Eileen M. Leinweber BSN, ’87 MSN *
Margaret K. Mangini MSN
Cheryl A. Neill BSN
Judith A. Westphal BSN, ’90 MSN

Jill A. Lauritsen BSN

Susan M. Ashton BSN
Jane A. Kreplick BSN*

Marsha A. Hughes MSN
Janet A. Klapatauskas BSN
Joan L. Pfaff MSN

William T. Lecher BSN*
Traci L. Raether BSN, ’95 MSN *

Bonnie J. Schmidt BSN

Wanda K. Erickson BSN
Beverly J. Teachout BSN

Michelle A. Virtues BSN

Joseph J. Redding BSN

M. Kathleen Murphy MSN
Abigail L. Plambeck BSN

Rachelle J. Lancaster BSN*
Kimberly A. Udlis MSN

Annette M. Kaminsky MSN

Tammy M. Rockweiler MSN 2003
Theresa M. Lenaghan MSN

Melinda Hull BSN

Abigail R. Patt BSNs
Cailee A. Schuh BSN

Friends of the CON
Dean’s Club donors noted with *.

Roger W. Able*
Agnesian Healthcare*
Arnold P. Gold Foundation*
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation*
Aurora Health Care*
Theresa Bertram
Patricia M. Blades
Boeing Company
Imelda Bonell
Selma Brophy
Jean Burns
Richard J. Casey
Tammy M. Chapin
William Cherek*
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region Inc.*
Beckie Crisman
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation*
Nancy Elsberry*
Eric Hiatt
Eric D. Hull
Richard Hughs
InFaith Community Foundation*
Karen M. Johnson
Phyllis L. Leach*
Andrew and Karen Leavitt*
Lola J. Lendrum Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh Inc.*
Joel Makowski
Mark A. Chapman Foundation*
Suzanne Marnocha*
Sylvia E. McDonald*
Theresa Meeker
Mercy Medical Center Volunteers*
Elizabeth M. Merington
Ministry Health Care*
James R. Mitchell*
Leslie Neal-Boylan*
Neil E. Park Family Foundation Inc.*
Sarah L. O’Connell
Oshkosh Area Community Foundation*
Oshkosh Student Nurses’ Association
Haley Quandt
Jean Sadlon
Kaitlyn Schmitt
Rosemary K. Smith*
Laura L. Smolinski*
Thomas A. Plein Foundation LTD*
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation Inc.
Deborah M. Walrath
Linda E. Wendt
Wisconsin Department of Health Services*
Wisconsin Rural Opportunities Foundation Inc.*